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Glastonbury Tor from the levels. The landscape affects leisure, work, recreation and travel. There are five churches in the Mid Somerset Group: GLASTONBURY, STREET, SOMERTON, LANGPORT and CURRY RIVEL. IN SEPTEMBER 2015 SOMERTON URC MERGED WITH SOMERTON METHODIST CHURCH TO BECOME WEST STREET CHURCH, SOMERTON. (See Somerton URC page)

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Minister:              Rev Tim Richards 01458 252799

Associate Minister: Rev Rowena Francis 01749 679300 (Rowena is also Joint Minister at Wells United Church (Baptist/URC)

Group Secretary: J Fry 01458 447020 and also acting Group Treasurer

Website:              S D Beney 01458 259391        e-mail stevebeney@yahoo.co.uk 

'The Link' Magazine Editor: Mr R Crowley, 01458 259434 

Group Charity Project Officers:  Nepal - M Crockett 01458 445540

                                                     Botswana - M Mason 01458 252076

                                                     Taunton Assocn For Homeless: Rev E Ridout

                                                      01458 832819


This poem is by Tony Cracknell, a member of Langport URC:


 'God of All Time'

 God of the day

Evening has come

The sun has sunk in the sky


God of the light

Tiredness has come

Grant now our rest

'Till light comes again


God of our minds

Let stillness descend

While sleep makes its patterns

Bringing renewed life again


God of the dark

Great are your ways

To you, the light and dark

Just the same


God of all sound

Help us to hear

Your words of wisdom

Whispered so clear


God of all Providence

Help us now to receive

Your understanding

Of life here today


God of all guidance

Make known your ways

To souls that are searching

To walk in your ways


God of all noise

You must hear so much

Forgive us the needless

Pollution we make.


(written at Herne Bay Court, 2006 Group Holiday)